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Ali Safsafi, who runs a website building and mobile application structure goes further to ensure the formation of  CEED has transformed it. “It allowed me to understand,” he says. He then questioned everything she did. “I stopped on any gesture, any word, any action or operation emerging from me and made sure that it was consistent with what I had learned at CEED”. For Safasfi Ali, the training enabled him to intervene, among other things, on the importance of leadership: “I manage my staff better.
I know how to mobilize my employees and behave with them, especially at the level of communication that is essential, “notes. Virtually all these entrepreneurs have also highlighted their training, their servant, allowing them to build relationships … well beyond their fields.
CEED trainings bring together people from different backgrounds. Each comes with experience and sharing of skills with others. Our four entrepreneurs agree that this is a great shot to learn from what they do, their difficulties and their comments. The coaches obviously intervene to straighten the bar and set the right course to follow. Needless to say the completed CEED training, all were contacted. Initiating something of the meetings to continue the training otherwise. This is how we were able to acquire acquired knowledge and better understand in the business world. This is the case, for example, Ali Safsafi who often takes his laptop to be advised by each other on the best way to do.



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