Maroua Ben Ali is a young female entrepreneur from the region of Bizerte in the Northern West of Tunisia. After graduating from the National School of Engineering in Sfax, she decided to follow her passion with cosmetics and biological products. In 2015, Maroua established her business, Herbéos specializing in natural cosmetic products, after a long journey in the field of entrepreneurship.
The first year after the creation of Herbéos had been marked with many financial difficulties and communication challenges. In 2016, Maroua joined the Grow program which guided her in developing her branding and improving her marketing strategy, while enhancing her interpersonal skills. “I believe that the Grow program was of tremendous importance to me at this level. It guided to improve my business strategies toward market oriented products. Meanwhile, I was also able to improve my personal skills and enhance my branding on social media”, says Maroua.
In 2017, Herbéos has become one of the leading companies in bio-cosmetics in Tunisia with more than 20 business contracts. In recognition of her perseverance and innovation, Maroua was selected as the Female Entrepreneur of the Year 2019 by the prestigious magazine “Le Manager”. Today, Herbéos produces a range of 70 different products available online as well as in Switzerland, France and other Asian countries.


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