Hasna Petroleum

After graduating as an engineer in electromechanical engineering from the National School of Engineers of Sfax (ENIS) in 2009, he chose to operate in the private sector in Tunis due to the lack of job opportunities in Tataouine . After a year and a half of work, he decided to return to Tataouine to start his project.
On June 2016, he decided to set up his own company, which main activity will be the treatment of hazardous waste from the exploitation and production of gas and oil in the Tataouine region. The journey was difficult with a lot of administrative, financial and personal obstacles. At the end of 2016, Achref managed to complete his investment plan and created his company HASNA PETROLEUM SERVICES.
At the same time, Achref was selected to participate in the CEED GROW program. The program organized by CEED Tunisia in partnership with USAID.
Today, Achref GAIRSEN is the CEO of HASNA PETROLEUM SERVICES, with more than 10 employees



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